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Kempson Rexal Pharmacy & Fountain

Written by Inman Chamber

June 2, 2022

Kempson Rexall is a historic pharmacy, soda fountain, and retail store all in one. located in the heart of downtown Inman.

Owners husband and wife, Sandy and Marianne McElveen have quite the precious gem. They feel they have been given a gift to own and operate such an amazing business in Inman.

On the pharmacy side of the business is owner Marianne. A pharmacist with over 20 years experience. Marianne worked at Kempson’s as a pharmacist before taking ownership in August 2021. Lee-Ann , previously worked at Kempson’s as a pharmacy intern, many years ago before going to pharmacy school, returned as their newly hired pharmacist. Meg, is Kempson’s lead pharmacy technician, she also has over 20 years experience. Crystal is Kempson’s newly hired pharmacy technician who works alongside meg. crystal has 25 years experience.

They are a full- service pharmacy, accepting all major insurance plans, and competitive on prescription pricing. They also offer medication therapy management and yearly reviews, something that you may not get with the big chain operations. Above all, kind caring and personalized service.

On the soda fountain side of the business, you will see Marcel “aka mom” and miss Lydia. When Sandy is not working at his full-time job at AT&T, you will find him behind the counter doing whatever needs to be done. sandy also loves to do research on historic soda fountains, learning their history and products.

Did we mention the ice cream, oh boy!! the brand of ice cream they serve is “chocolate shoppe” which is the super-premium brand with a full-bodied taste on the market. (the Zanzibar chocolate is to die for!) At Kempson Rexall you will find malts, milk shakes, sundaes, banana splits and if you want to try a few different flavors they offer an ice cream palette. They make the waffle cones and waffle bowls on site from a unique recipe.
Now let’s talk hot dogs!! all beef, you can get them plain or with several toppings. mom Marcel’s homemade chili sauce, onions, mustard. delicious…. oh, and we cannot forget the boiled peanuts!
On the retail side of the business, you will find items that will take you back in time. a walk down memory lane. I will not tell you anything else. You will just have to visit Kempson Rexall and see for yourself. You will not be disappointed! you might also have the opportunity to meet the other 2 other employees of Kempson Rexall, the McElveen’s Boston terrier’s, Piper, and Poppy. They have been the center of attraction at some of the hometown events here in Inman.

Family owned and operated, they will make you feel like part of their family. Thank you Kempson Rexall for having your business in Inman and thank you for being a member of the Inman chamber of commerce. We truly appreciate you!!

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